Uganda Countdown!

Hi everyone. This May of the year 2014 I will be traveling to Uganda.
“It’s an adventure of a lifetime”, Ted Debonis, the evangelist who invited me, told me. Ted will be preaching in evangelistic crusades, which are large outdoor preaching events with lots of people in attendance. Experiencing the way others humbly serve and worship God, learning, serving, and helping is what I’ll be doing mostly on this adventure.
This is short notice, but if you are interested in helping please do. We need money to buy candy to give away to kids, one suitcase full. We need money to buy snacks to eat while we’re there, another suitcase full. And we need money and gifts to give to the adults of Uganda. They earn as little as a dollar or a few dollars a day there. So we would like to bless the people there. The bible says that we are sons of Abraham by faith and that by his descendent would be a blessing to the nations and to peoples and families of the earth. So if you are interested in helping you can mail a check to the Your Missionary Outreach. Also you can give by paypal on the support page. We need help soon.
This will be my first opportunity to travel to Africa. Some go, some send, but we all share in the harvest. People get born again, as Jesus taught. “…unless a man is born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. They are then newborn sons and daughters of God. Our heavenly family keeps on growing, we get new brothers and sisters everyday who get reborn by converting and being baptized in water and reborn of the Spirit of God!!! “They that believe and are baptized, shall be saved”, said our Lord Jesus. Thanks for encouragement as I will be traveling to the nation of Uganda, in Africa.

Please feel free to contact me at: 1(321) 747-0201 and by e-mail at:

Please help if you can.

Joshua M. Martinez

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Bibles & Cavities! | September 2013 Update

Thank you for visiting this page. My wife, and parents, and I are serving the Lord here in the Dominican Republic. Let me tell you about what is happening here. There is a bible study on Saturday mornings that is going well. We had a visitor show up September 7th, and we told him what it means to get right with God. He showed interest and prayed a salvation prayer. There is fruit from this work. The men are glad to give part of their week to God by participating in the bible study and I am glad to have the opportunity to share Christ’s teachings, and the word of God to the men of the Dominican Republic. Pray God adds serious men to be a part of the bible study who will here God’s Word and put it into practice. Maybe some will be future disciples of Christ.

Ministering in La VegaWe hope to get people to study the bible on their own. Thanks to people who support us and the ministry, we’ve been able to give out a very nice, large lettered, words of Christ in red, hard covered bible, with a zippered case, to those who benefit from the bible studies. The bibles also have a concordance, and different helpful material in the back. There is even a page on how to read the bible. Feel free to pray and believe that God will continue to supply for new bibles, covers, and sometimes, maybe cheap reading glasses. Nice bibles cost about $18 US. Zippered cases cost about five dollars. And cheap reading glasses are about five dollars or more per pair.

Dental MinistryAnother ministry we are working on is getting a small number of pastors kids a: dental checkup, teeth cleaning, and if needed, fillings. Although we are just starting, we’ve already handed out toothpaste and tooth brushes to a number of children, mostly in August of 2013. Now we are ready to take the first pastor’s child to get a checkup and teeth cleaning. The teeth cleanings are ten dollars, and if there needs to be a filling it will cost twelve dollars and fifty cents per filling. Pray that God will supply for this ministry of the dental care of a small and limited number of pastor’s kids.

Moringa, is back in our interests. We are helping a project which supplies affordable moringa powder to people who would like to benefit from its properties. The project is designed to give jobs to people in the Rails who help grow and prepare it for sale. Moringa is a tree which is very nutritional. Personally I am glad to be a part of this project again. and are the websites I am more familiar with, which educate about the moringa tree and more.

The total goal for fund raising needed for the bibles and the other accessories mentioned above for Sept.-Dec. 2013 is only about one hundred dollars. This is due to the fact that only a few men will receive a new bible.

The dental work needed for pastor’s kids checkup cleanings and fillings is estimated at only three hundred dollars for Sept.-Dec. 2013. This price estimate is what it is, due to many cavities and only a few kids who will participate.

If you are interested in giving to one of the above ministry needs, please call me.

Feel free to reach me at: 1 (321) 747-0201. If i do not answer please leave a message and I will call you back.


Joshua M. Martinez


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